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NEW! Kit for Chrysler Pacifica.

Dear visitors, our e-shop is under repair. Please contact us at support@upory.ru. It is possible to buy and pay via PayPal still. Welcome! Pop up the hood classy with our gas hood struts.


Hood's dampers/ bonnet's struts

Dear visitors, our e-shop is under repair. Please contact us at support@upory.ru. It is possible to buy and pay via PayPal still. Welcome! Pop up the hood classy with our gas hood struts and trunk lid lifters.


Why do you need
hood struts?

Pneumatic struts (hood lifts) are intended for smooth independent opening and fixing of a hood. This detail makes easier process of visual inspection, maintenance operation and car repairs. Pneumatic (gas) struts for hood are included in base set package of all premium class cars.

Quality is a culture

All brackets are Zn galvanized and organic (powder) color coated that allows to keep attractive appearance for many years. We use only quality tested gas-oil springs of the leading producers which equally reliably work both in cold climate, and in sunny countries.

Are hood struts for my car available?

There are gas hood strut kits for many modern makes and models in our e-shop available
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Hood dampers
make life more comfortable,
almost the same as
use of an elevator


Hood dampers
make life more comfortable,
almost the same way as
use of a calculator


Hood dampers
make life more comfortable,
almost the same way as
use of TV remote

Three steps of installation

Installation of hood dampers kit takes not more than 15 minutes and no special skills needed

First step

Installation of lower bracket.

Kit installs to standard places, as shown on picture (installation manual provided). No need in drilling of car parts. Bracket to be fixed on car’s body. Brackets of different models designed in such way to be installed at fixation holes of front wings, headlights, holes of front shock absorber or engine’s shield. The main criteria of the choice of the location of the lower bracket are strength and hardness of supporting components to avoid body damages under the influence of forces arising in the course of operation of the gas spring. Installation will require a wrench.

Second step

Installation of upper bracket.

Upper bracket is installed on a hood. It can settle down on a hinge strain, and in technological holes of a hood. Installation will require only a wrench, i.e. it will be not required to drill and rivet. Placing of brackets depends on a design of each car make and model therefore brackets from one car won’t be suitable for another.

Third step

Installation of gas springs.

Ball studs are fixed on brackets, on them gas springs are fixed.
Before installation pump over absorbers (moving parts located in the cylinder lose lubricant during storage that at first use leads to increase in ruggedness
of the gas spring): take the cylinder, put a piston rod to a plain solid surface, press that the rod entered the cylinder, repeat several times.

Attention! Prior to installation we recommend firstly to compress the damper by placing the piston rod on the floor and compressing the cylinder several times. To avoid injury place the rod on a suitable non-slip surface.

In modern cars plastic covers (or foam weather protection) are often used. Which aren’t always possible for bypassing at design. Therefore in certain cases it will be required to cut these elements with a paper knife.

So, brackets are installed, gas springs are on the places and there are a wish to try somewhat quicker the gear in operation, but don’t hurry, check still time, be convinced that in engine compartment there is no left tool. Put the hood down very slow, check that gas springs didn’t touch elements of a body or the additional equipment installed.

Our advantages

Easy to install

Fast installation

Affordable price

No drilling

Warranty intact

No changes in car’s exterior

No gas struts installed

Without gas struts running stream of air can kick up a bonnet.

Bonnet’s raising height is fixed by nothing, and the bonnet has the big area therefore it can works as a sail. It occurs instantly (if hood isn’t locked), the force of counter air wraps a bonnet back to windshield as the sheet of paper on wind with ease. The driver has no time to be prepared for emergency brake and to take possible security measures that can lead to very sad consequences.

Gas struts installed

With gas dampers speed of opening and hight of hood are limited by gas springs.

Force of the clamping gear of gas hood struts in 99% of cases effectively fights against spontaneous opening. If suddenly at the movement the hood begins to rise from the running air stream – the piston in the cylinder won’t give gas to move quicker, than it is put by a design. Hood struts have the constant speed of a release which can’t increase by external force. As soon as gas springs completely released and stopped at the regular position — the hood will be fixed, without having caused damage. The driver will have several precious seconds to take necessary actions to prevent an accident.

Danger of falling of a hood during service at a strong gust of wind.

You opened a hood, put the rod — a regular prop of a hood and fill in the washing liquid. The strong wind gust can raise slightly a hood, and rod can fall having lost a bearing part. When the wind gust passes, the hood under the weight will fall – well if you manage to take away the head.

Falling of a hood is completely impossible because of installed gas hood struts.

If the hood is equipped with gas hood struts, then it is strong fixed in the top point of opening. Also you shouldn’t worry that gas springs will deteriorate and will cease to keep hood weight. Gas springs never fail instantly, this process is very long. You will feel for sure that you began to open a hood by means of own force if gas springs became to cope with the task worse.

Examples of our kits installed